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We started Music Box Company for a simple reason - to replay memories. Have you ever had the feeling where a musical tune brought back a special memory? When you go about your daily routine and suddenly, that song stops you in your track and you start reminiscing? If you're feeling a tinge of nostalgia, then you may just understand why we do what we do. We truly believe our music boxes are special vessels that house your favorite memories, as well as those of your loved ones. Hence, at The Music Box Company, you will see us carrying only music boxes made with the highest quality Birchwood. Plus, you can rest assured that each and every box is hand made with love.  Our inventory is updated regularly to bring you the best tunes and quality at affordable prices. If you'd like, you can also get some custom boxes made for special occasions. We believe that our boxes will bring smiles to your loved ones on any occasion and look forward to serving you wholeheartedly. Looking forward to see you being the Rockstar of gifts at your next gathering.

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Love, The Music Box Company